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Our Refund Policy

ShopWithBits uses the same exact refund policy offered by the actual merchant that you buy from. This means that the amount that you can get refunded, depends entirely on the merchant's refund policy and the amount they refund to us.

Once the merchant's refund is confirmed and shows up in our account, we'll then process the refund owed to you via Bitcoin.

We will refund 100% of your payment(including our service fee) if we need to refund your purchase due to our fault or our failure to finalize your order(i.e. if the merchant runs out of the product you want or if we order the wrong thing). For all other refunds, you'll be refunded just the amount refunded to us by the merchant.

All refunds shall be payable via Bitcoin at the current exchange rate at the time of the refund. Alternatively you'll also have the option of getting ShopWithBits credit which you can then use for any future purchases using our service. If you choose to get the refund via Bitcoin, it's your responsibility to provide us when asked with your Bitcoin address that you want the payment sent to. Please allow up to 24 hours for the Bitcoin payment to be sent. If you do not receive a refund within 24 hours of providing your Bitcoin address, please contact our customer service right away.

To begin the refund process simply contact our customer service reps via live chat or by emailing support@shopwithbits.com with your order number.

Please note, our service simply orders the products for you, ShopWithBits has no control over the refund process and has to abide by the merchant's final decision, so we recommend that you order from legitimate merchants that have a reputation for good customer service and excellent refund policies in order to protect yourself from bad merchants.

Platinum level subscription fees can be refunded within 30 days of subscribing. Subscription fee refunds shall be paid via Bitcoin after we deduct any additional fees you would have owed for orders you've placed during this period. There shall be no refunds for the subscription fees after 30 days.

We reserve the right to update the terms of our Refund Policy at any time simply by changing the content of this page, it is your responsibility to check this policy from time to time to keep updated with the terms of our refund policy.


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