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How It Works

Using ShopWithBits couldn't be simpler. Find the products you'd like to buy, pay us for your order using Bitcoin, and we'll then place the order on your behalf using our credit cards and your delivery address. .

1. Find the products you want to buy.

Go to any online retailer...Amazon, Newegg, Dell, Walmart, Barney's or any other website that accepts credit cards. Find the products you'd like to order, copy the urls for each product then go through the checkout process to get your total including tax and get the cost of shipping. Then come to ShopWithBits to have us place your order.

Note: We also allow you to buy gift cards, so you can also spend your Bitcoins on things you need to buy in person(ex:. buying lumber from Home Depot).

2. Checkout Using ShopWithBits

Come to ShopWithBits and start your checkout by contacting our customer service reps using Live Chat. Our staff will then go through the checkout process to buy the items and to confirm the totals and will then provide you with a custom Bitcoin checkout link so you can send your payment and your service fee(1-5% of your total).

Once we confirm receipt of your payment, we'll place the order for all your items using our credit cards.

Note: If Live Chat is unavailable, you can also submit your order by using our order form.

3. Get your products delivered to your door.

Once we finalize your order, you'll be given an order confirmation #, which you can then use to get shipping updates for your order.

Then all you have to do is wait for your order to show up at your door.

Note: If you need to return an item, simply follow the merchant's refund policies and once the money is credited to our account, we can issue you your refund. For more details please see our refund policy.


Special Promotion

We are so confident that you'll love our service that we want to offer you a special promotion to entice you to try us out:

Get 0% Fees on Your First ShopWithBits Order

To claim this promotion, simply ask for it from your ShopWithBits customer service rep when you submit your order.