Special Promotion: Get 0% Fees on Your First ShopWithBits Order
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Our Fees

We charge a small service fee on every ShopWithBits order. That fee varies from 1-5% depending on your lifetime account spending level. This is our way to reward our power users with additional discounts.

Please note, with smaller orders, we charge a minimum fee instead.

The More You Spend The More You Save

As you can see from the table above, all you have to do is order $25,000 worth of stuff through our service over the life of your account and you can lower our service fee all the way down to 2%.

And if you want additional savings...or you simply don't want to wait to get the discounts, you can subscribe to our Platinum service for $99/yr. With our Platinum service, your service fee will only be 1%(with no minimums) and you'll be able to start saving with your first order. This option is best for anyone who plans to spend more than $2,000/yr with our service.

To sign up for our Platinum service, simply tell our staff that you'd like to do that when you place your next order.


Special Promotion

We are so confident that you'll love our service that we want to offer you a special promotion to entice you to try us out:

Get 0% Fees on Your First ShopWithBits Order

To claim this promotion, simply ask for it from your ShopWithBits customer service rep when you submit your order.