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About Us

ShopWithBits was started in order to help the Bitcoin community have a more streamlined way to spend their coins. Our goal is to help make Bitcoin as good as cash and to give our users access to millions of merchants without charging them insane fees.

We've also decided to make customer service a priority, which is why we offer live chat as an option to process your orders. You shouldn't have to wait a week just to get your stuff ordered. That might fly elsewhere, but when it comes to shopping, deals disappear all the time. If you find an insane deal on that new TV or a new graphics card, you should be able to order it right away, while the offer is still available.

At this time our company is currently only focused on the U.S. market.
This means our live chat is currently only available from 9am EST till 9pm PST to take your orders

Outside of our business hours, please submit your order by using our order form, which you can find by clicking here.

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Special Promotion

We are so confident that you'll love our service that we want to offer you a special promotion to entice you to try us out:

Get 0% Fees on Your First ShopWithBits Order

To claim this promotion, simply ask for it from your ShopWithBits customer service rep when you submit your order.