Special Promotion: Get 0% Fees on Your First ShopWithBits Order
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Spend Bitcoin Anywhere That Takes Credit Cards

Pay for anything with Bitcoin using our premier Bitcoin shopping service. ShopWithBits lets you quickly and easily spend your Bitcoins on things you actually want to buy from millions of retailers on the internet. Getting started is easy:

1. Find the product you want to buy.

Go to any online store that takes credit cards, find the products you want to buy, get the cost of shipping for your order, then start the checkout process with ShopWithBits by contacting our customer service reps. Give us the links to the products you want us to order and your shipping info, and we'll generate a custom bitcoin checkout for you.

2. Send your payment to ShopWithBits

Go to your custom checkout page and send your Bitcoins to cover the cost of your order and our service fee(we charge 1-5% of your total).

Please note, we use a third party service to accept Bitcoin. This allows us to convert your coins into USD right away, which means there is no volatility risk.

If you are a power user, you can deposit funds for future orders. This lets you lock-in a favorable exchange rate for all your future purchases on our service.

3. Get your product delivered to your door.

Once your transaction is confirmed, we'll use our own credit cards to purchase the products for you using the shipping information you provided.

This means that when you use our service, you won't have to worry about getting yourself in trouble for receiving goods bought with stolen credit cards. And it also means that we'll have all the tracking info and can make sure you'll actually get what you ordered.


Special Promotion

We are so confident that you'll love our service that we want to offer you a special promotion to entice you to try us out:

Get 0% Fees on Your First ShopWithBits Order

To claim this promotion, simply ask for it from your ShopWithBits customer service rep when you submit your order.